The picture above shows how even using different colours of Grout can change the look of your project. The tiles are laid in the exact same pattern for each example. The only difference is the grout colour.

Grout asst Colours

Grout selection
  • Grout is a paste made when grouting powder is mixed with water. It is used to seal the gaps between all the tesserae and smoothen the overall image of the mosaic giving it an unbroken surface whilst strengthening the bond between the tiles. While the glue holds the tesserae down from the base, the grout will firmly lock the tesserae in from the sides.

    • Grout keeps out the weather and dirt and will protect the mosaic. It can also enhance or tone down the mosaic depending on color.
    • Grout can be used for practical and aesthetic reasons. It can be washed down to remove any dust, dirt, spills, food or other materials.
    • Grout is available in ready mixed form or powder to be mixed with water when desired.